How it all started with a Barron 20, back in 1987...

Learning to hover tail-in without a gyro... (Please excuse the shorts!)

Various Photographs of Model Helicopters

1. Me flying my SnelFlight HoverFly indoor helicopter  [Christmas 2001]
2. X-Cell Fury 50 hovering at Royal Holloway  [March 2002]
3. YS 80 Powered Fury Extreme flying at the Scrubs  [August 2002]
4. My CCPM Hawk 36 hovering at the Fly'in Fish site  [June 2003]
5. Various photos from the 3D Masters 2004 event in Northampton  [July 2004]
6. A bright December Saturday flying at Northolt  [December 2004]
7. Evening flying in Windsor Great Park, albums one and two  [April, May 2005]
8. An informal Flyin' Fish funfly and competition  [January 2006]
9. A foggy Saturday morning flying in the park  [February 2006]
10. Andy having his first flights at Northolt  [April 2006]
11. Photos of a never finished Hornet project (now sold)  [April 2006]
12. More photos of my old Fury Extreme (now sold)  [June 2006]
13. Photos of the Fly'in Fish New Year fun competition  [January 2007]
14. Photos of my old Fury Expert, sadly now sold  [September 2007]
Videos of Model Helicopters
1. Steve flying in the park on a blustery summer evening  [July 2005]
2. Steve's early chaos attempts on another blustery summer evening  [August 2005]
3. Me flying on a bright winter Saturday morning in the park  [November 2005]
4. Steve's Wolf flying for the first time, and a few weeks later  [June 2006]
Helicopter Related Electronics Projects
1. GY401 to 9251/9256 or BLS251 adapter (PIC based)  [July 2008]
2. CRG20 Based home made Heading Hold Gyro (dsPIC based)  [January 2009]
Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces
1. My helicopter crash blog, this excludes my early first attemps with the Baron 20
2. Dave Fisher and myself photographed at the 3D Masters 2004, courtesy of Kevin Boulden
3. Useful helicopter links (